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Around the World - Home kit/Digital 


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Space Explorers 


Mindful Magic

There's A Caveman in my body - Human Biology Project - Home kit/Digtial 


EHE Young Person's Project - Social activities to combat teen loneliness. Bowling, Dungeons and Dragons Group etc

We have run some amazing projects to date which we continue to build on every year.For more information see our past activities page (coming soon). 

Past Projects

In 2019, our chair was awarded one of only 12 places on the British Science Association Community Leaders Project. The aim of the project is to increase engagement with science in underserved communities by working with people who are already established within their community and producing quality high-level engagement. BSA worked to enhance their skills, sharing contacts and practices, enabling these community leaders to produce science-based engagement activities for their communities. The entire project resonates with Mountain Movers' ethos of empowering, enabling, and including! We are so proud to have been a part of it. 


The end result of this was our Life of Bread Project. A hugely successful project which is helping to shape our future project development.


Here is a video made by one of the participating young people, highlighting the success of this project! 


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2019 to 2020 - Mindfully Creative Learning Project


This was a project that had been a long time in the making, having first been identified as a priority need. Our trustees undertook Mindfulness training to be able to teach the wonderful "Mindfulness In Schools" curriculums of "Paws B" and "Dot.B" as well as the new "The Present" course by the fabulous Sarah Silverman. Working with a local qualified teacher who is also a well established and respected author (Nurse Ted and Fly Me Stories), Dr. Ffion Jones, we devised a year-long project with the aim to show the benefits not only on mental wellbeing and self-esteem but also increased engagement with learning particularly literacy amongst children at risk of disengagement with learning and with complex needs. By equipping these children with the benefits of mindfulness understanding, empowering them with the awareness/understanding of what is happening inside their own brains and bodies. Enabling improved self-regulation of behaviour and allowing them to explore their thoughts, feelings, who they are, their community, etc via the non-threatening medium of creative arts expression. 


The Project was amazing, benefiting so many home educated children with learning difficulties and although unable to end in the manner we had originally planned due to COVID Pandemic, we were able to quickly adapt and move online bringing Digital Art skills to the children and the fabulous Clicker 8 software to develop and empower their creative writing. 


To see a digital version of one of their books, please click here.