As a registered charity with the Charities Commission, Mountain Movers is run for the public benefit with the aim to advance education for children who are being educated otherwise than at school, in particular, but not exclusively, those children with disabilities. We aim to be inclusive of all needs & abilities. 

We hope to reduce the social isolation of both children & their families by providing a regular confidential setting to facilitate the development of social skills as well as providing support, advice & signposting to additional services. 

Aiming High -One Step At a Time Together

By challenging hostilities. myths and misconceptions against home educating families through our advocacy work, we aspire to:

  •  tackle the hostile or unconscious bias attitudes and practices that result in exclusion from universal services that may lead to a risk of a family becoming isolated.  


  • Empower EHE parents/carers, children, and Young Peoples by providing access to advocacy, training, and support so they are able to ensure their rights are respected and access services as necessary in a mutually beneficial respectful manner with professional agencies. 

Through the sharing of educational resources and the facilitation of educational opportunities and training, we hope to reduce poverty and ease the financial burden faced by families.

Our goal is to enable these children to participate as fully as possible in society with a positive sense of community and belonging through the facilitation of co-operative learning opportunities, enrichment arts and inclusive sporting activities that are in a differentiated and inclusive format. With the end goal being to have equipped a child with a lifelong love of learning and mental wellbeing tools that will reduce the risk of mental health problems in later life.