With thanks to funding from the National Lottery, Mountain Movers have been able to register as an ASDAN centre and attend ASDAN training to bring these wonderful and highly recognised courses to the home education community.


 Mountain Movers are providing ASDAN courses to distance learners for children who are being electively home educated. As we are limited in terms of volunteers and time, we cannot support children who are also accessing any form of formal provision. For example, those being Flexi-schooled, receiving EOTAS/home tuition provided by the local authority or attending college. If in doubt, please contact Mountain Movers before ordering an ASDAN course.


We have dedicated order run dates usually on the first of the month. The online application forms will be offline for a maximum of 10 working days whilst that month's applications are being processed. It can take up to two weeks from the order run for everyone to receive all their courses. We also ask that people understand that as we are volunteers with busy families of our own, any messages or requests for support may take up to 72 hours (not including weekends) for us to respond to. We are usually quicker but this information helps to manage people's expectations.


If you are looking for a business like fast service, we may not be the right choice for you.


Being volunteers, we offer these courses at seriously bottom line prices. Every penny goes straight back into continuing providing opportunities to the elective home education community.


Please note there is no “teaching” provided by Mountain Movers or ASDAN with these courses, they are for you to use in your home education provision as you see best. You and your child complete challenges, gather the evidence and upload to your portfolio for moderation. 


There are short courses covering a wide range of interests such as traditional subjects like English, Maths, & History to Expressive Arts, Animal Care. There are vocational courses, courses for those who are sports mad and things like computing. 

SHORT COURSES. Your child should be approx 12+ to start a short course however because they are multi-level, the focus is on completing challenges and skills development according to individual ability. A learner would need to be able to demonstrate the skills for a level 1 qualification (Pre GCSE level Key Stage 3) otherwise they would not be able to be awarded a certificate and/or credits unless there is supporting medical evidence of learning disability which would allow the moderators to make reasonable adjustments for. The subject options are extensive! There really is something for everyone, from Football, Expressive Arts, Gardening to Core Subjects like Maths, English. Like going on trips? Try the adventure and residential course. Accredits 10-60 hours of activities. Currently priced at £45 per child. 


The basic concept behind ASDAN courses and qualifications is in the challenges. Your child PLANS to do a challenge, DO the challenge and then REVIEW how the challenge went. You build a portfolio of evidence of the challenges, the outcome of challenges isn’t important, the journey and experience are.




Skill Development


Completing an ASDAN course builds a portfolio of work that evidences core skill development in the following areas: 


 1) Learning - How the Learner manages their personal development and learning. It's about planning and working towards targets to improve performance and reviewing their own progress. 


2) Teamwork - How the learner works with others when planning and carrying out activities to get things done. Achieving SHARED objectives. This will involve working with a group of people. 


3) Coping with Problems - Recognising problems and doing something about them. It's about using different methods to find a solution and checking to see if they work. 


4) Use of IT - making the best use of computers and other items such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras. Being familiar with how to use this equipment is of vital importance not only in the workplace but also at home. 


5) Use of English - not only about how you talk to people but also about the ways you find out information and let others know your views and opinions in an appropriate manner. It also includes aspects of writing and reading. 


6) Use of Maths - a learners ability to use numbers. Being able to demonstrate a good level of numeracy skills is highly sought after by employers. Short courses will give the learner opportunities to practise their numeracy skills. 




Building a learners portfolio of completed challenges will require lots of evidence gathering. We are looking for evidence that shows the core skill development and a stranger would be able to say with reasonable certainty, that this is the learner's own work. 


Evidence can be in a multitude of different formats, from photos (annotated), videos, witness statements, diary, PowerPoint/google slides presentations, letters, emails, diagrams, notes, charts, surveys, research. 


It is key that the learner understands what plagiarism is and why is not acceptable. Short courses will help them develop the important skill of referencing their sources. There are a number of different resources and youtube videos regarding plagiarism. 

Where Do I Begin?

Handwritten Statement for Short Courses


In order to comply with the duty to ensure appropriate courses suited to a learner’s level are undertaken,  an application form must be submitted with a handwritten statement from the learner containing a small piece about who they are, why they would like to complete the short course and what they hope to achieve from the course. This will be assessed against the standard for a level 1 qualification. If it’s felt that from this evidence your child is not demonstrating the level required for the short courses, Mountain Movers will advise on a more appropriate course for your child. The decision remains with the parent as to which course they would like to pursue however certification is not guaranteed without the required standard being evidenced. Mountain Movers does not offer refunds to those who do not achieve certifications in all circumstances.


The trustees of Mountain Movers Education Charity reserve the right to reject any application as they deem appropriate.



Special Allowances on moderation


Mountain Movers will need to have seen a professional report of some manner confirming the diagnosis/need of the child to be able to make special allowances during moderation. Mountain Movers will not store the report, it will be securely deleted or destroyed upon receipt and just the nature of the allowances accepted will be recorded for our moderator's knowledge. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times in accordance with our confidentiality policy.



Please be aware that although we strive for a quick turn around times, Mountain Movers is not a business and these courses are managed solely by volunteers who donate their time. We ask for at least 72 hours between sending an email to receiving a response. We are usually much quicker but this information helps manage expectations. We support new learners via a once a week moderation through a number of challenges until the moderator feels they have an understanding of how to continue working independently. At which point, the course would then be moderated upon completion unless contacted for support.


How Do I Apply For A Course?

You complete an online application form (via google forms) and it is automatically sent to us.


Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with details for making payment. This will be around the date of the order run (give or take a day or two). Payment must be made within 48 hours otherwise you will miss the order run for that month and have to wait until next month. 


You MUST send us a photograph of a handwritten statement by the proposed learner for the fair access assessment. This can be sent to:




Mountain Movers will not accept any application for a short course without this!


Any evidence for making reasonable adjustments during moderation can also be sent to the email address above as well. As stated previously, this evidence is not stored and confidentiality is always maintained in keeping with Mountain Movers data protection and confidentiality policies. Our policies are available to view on our Policy Page. 

How Do I Apply?